Introducing Deftly…
Built for Client Engagement & Retention

Today, You Need More Than a Dashboard


Your reporting to clients needs to speak in their language.
It should tell the right story and connect to their goals.
It has to support your agency’s brand while reaffirming your value.

That is a pretty tall order for the usual web page with a bunch of dials and graphs on a white or black background.

Like a dashboard, Deftly lets you present your clients with live and/or historical data directly from your key marketing platforms and custom data sources. But Deftly empowers you to do countless things a basic dashboard cannot.

Deftly is designed to go beyond just reporting – to drive true client engagement.

Analytics? Sure, But With a Story to Tell

The analytics and metrics that demonstrate your agency’s performance are like the proverbial tree falling in the forest – they only matter if your clients really hear and understand the story that the data tells. Telling a relevant and meaningful story, month after month, takes more than a few dials and graphs – it requires context.

Deftly allows you to bring real insights to your clients with incredibly powerful and flexible data visualizations that you easily embed in context-rich, multi-page presentations that we call Storyboards.

A one-page Deftly Storyboard can act just like a basic dashboard if you like – showing a couple key metrics with up to the moment data, even optimized for mobile viewing if your client is looking for important KPIs on the go. But the real power of Storyboards is in going beyond a dashboard, and creating a presentation that speaks to what the client is hoping to achieve – for their brand and their business.

Check out some of these key Storyboard features:

Centralize Client Engagement in Deftly

Driving client engagement and retention includes creating a great client experience. Many agencies default to using email as their primary client communication tool, but email is not really an effective way to reinforce your brand, nor to capture important information so that it is more accessible to all of the key stakeholders, or resilient to any staff departures. Other agencies use various cloud-based tools for file sharing or managing project assets and discussions, but then it can feel like you are sending your clients on a scavenger hunt across the Internet with multiple logins and URLs to keep track of.

Deftly provides a fully branded platform where your agency can centralize your client interactions – not only by using Storyboards to deliver results and metrics, but also via the Deftly Portal collaboration capabilities.  Portal, included free in every Deftly subscription plan, allows for full threaded discussion and file sharing capabilities, as well as real-time notifications.

Key portal features include:

  • Threaded Discussions
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • File Sharing