Sync marketing and sales data directly into a live presentation.


Centralize data in one place: website analytics, social media, paid search, SEO, email marketing, or data from any spreadsheet.


Choose your most important metrics from the data sources you synced. Mix and match into the same charts, and add context to tell a story.


Automatic notification emails and manual share links provide flexible delivery options.

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Today you need more than a dashboard

Metrics only matter if your clients or stakeholders can understand the story behind them.

Flexible Data

Pull your most important data points from multiple channels, including website analytics, SEO, PPC ad data, social media engagement, email marketing, leads and sales spreadsheet data and more. You can combine data points from multiple sources into the same chart or table.


Your audience can isolate data points or find tool-tips about data points while going through the data in the Storyboard, all with the hovering of the mouse, something you won't get with a static file like a PDF.

Manage Multiple Brands

Whether you're an agency with multiple clients or a corporation with multiple brands, you can create separate environments to keep all of your Storyboards separate from each other. This ensures data security and permissioned access for each environment.

Your Branding

Brand the entire portal with your own logo and colors. Individual Storyboards can also each be branded with their own pertinent images and colors to create a personal feel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deftly is a SaaS reporting platform that provides a web-based portal in which you can create Storyboards that sync and present live data from multiple integrations.

A Storyboard is a multi-page customized presentation with a familiar feel. You can add text and images and choose their placement, but you can also create visual charts or tables that sync real-time and/or historical data from multiple live sources. Storyboards can be edited by multiple people, copied, and shared.

Authorizing one of your data integrations to send data into Deftly is simple. All you need to do is be logged in to the appropriate account from which you wish to pull data and then click to authorize the integration from within Deftly. You will be directed to click “Authorize” in your desired account and then you will be directed back to Deftly to select the appropriate page/s or campaigns from that account.

We’d be happy to look into any specific data integrations that are vital for you. In fact, that’s exactly how our list of integrations continues to grow. Please mention the integration during your demo when our representative asks.

Nothing at all. In fact, you can create dashboard views in Deftly which are extremely useful for internal tracking and trending. We simply find that dashboards don’t offer enough context and explanation when it comes to presenting data to clients or your internal stakeholders. Deftly seeks to create an engaging presentation with essential data alongside context to understand it, instead of a pile of charts that needs to be explained again and again. Deftly will track who is opening the Storyboards and how often, which is a starting point to understand your clients or stakeholders and what they’re really interested in seeing.

Absolutely! After seeing a demo, you’ll be invited to set up an introductory Free Trial session where we assist in setting you up with your own portal, and syncing your own data sources within minutes. We’ll then provide you with a template so you can instantly see what a fully completed Storyboard looks like with your own data synced in! That template can be easily edited and copied over to any other company, or we can even show you how to create your own Storyboard from scratch.

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How does Deftly do all that?

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