Bridge the Marketing-to-Business Divide with Deftly

Looking for a platform that lets you create sophisticated and highly customizable presentations with a live digital dashboard? A tool with the superpower to update your clients’ regular reports and dashboards with market-wide digital resources in mere seconds?

Looking to engage your clients in proactive collaboration across projects and objectives while reinforcing the value you deliver every step of the way?

Welcome to Deftly.

Smart Marketers Use Deftly

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  • Client testimony regarding Deftly's digital dashboard product.
    “Deftly has allowed my agency to deliver better information to our clients every month, improving our client retention by 70%, all while spending fewer hours on monthly reporting than ever before.” - John Welches, Red Mallard
  • Michelle loves this digital dashboard by Deftly
    “Deftly has enabled me to have a digital dashboard where ALL of my data and client engagement can take place. The collaboration element is a great overlay on the ability to easily display data to clients.” - Michelle Williams, Verity Marketing Solutions
  • Alex Ribble Digital Dashboard Accolades
    “Deftly gave us abilities we did not even know we were lacking. Their Portal has been a game-changer for our staff and our clients! Now we have a virtual space that reinforces our brand, captures all of our critical deadlines, interactions, and assets, while pulling all of our metrics and results from our digital properties into one beautiful place.” - Alex Ribble, Big Chief Creative

Insight Into Your Analytics 

Digital marketing tools, social media platforms, and all the corresponding analytics: as a marketing professional you leverage an unprecedented number of these tools – but are your clients getting more insight from this complex data landscape?

Deftly helps you bring insight to your key audiences with context-rich, customized metrics from your digital tools and properties giving you a master digital dashboard.

Key presentation features include:

Collaboration at its Finest

Deftly creates a digital dashboard of your own to engage with clients and key stakeholders. One that reflects your brand, connects to all of your analytics sources, and creates a valuable repository of your client interactions, past and present. No more logging into multiple platforms for your clients, and no more time-consuming learning curves for multiple tools and dashboards.

Key portal features include:

  • Client Portal
  • File Sharing
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