Look Like a Superhero To Your Clients

  • Solo

    • 1-3 Clients
    • 250 GB File Storage
    • Custom Data Additional
    • Email Support
  • Startup

    • 4-6 Clients
    • 500 GB File Storage
    • Custom Data Additional
    • Email Support
  • Established

    • 13-20 Clients
    • 1.5 TB File Storage
    • Custom Data Included
    • Email, Phone, or Chat
  • Enterprise

    Contact Us
    • 21+ Clients
    • 2 TB+ File Storage
    • Custom Data Included
    • Email, Phone, or Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by Check or with a Purchase Order?

Sorry but we currently only support payment via Credit Card on a monthly or annual basis. No payment will be charged to the card you provide until your free trial period has ended. You will get an email from us confirming the charge every month (or year if desired) to act as both a reminder and a receipt.

What counts as a “client”?

Once you sign up for Deftly you establish your “Master” or “Tenant” account, and then you create “Clients” or “Companies” that are segregated from one another. The information you store in each Client’s context is protected so that it can only be accessed by users at the Master account level or users within the specific Client context.

If you are with an Agency then these separate Client containers correspond to your actual clients – each with its own business, its own digital properties, and its own set of expectations for how your agency will help them grow their business.

If you are in a corporate setting, you may only need one Client container if all of your analytics, results, and business details should be shared across all of your stakeholders.  But in a corporate setting you might also serve different divisions or subsidiaries whose data should perhaps be kept confidential, and thus separate clients could still be very useful.

The package you choose limits how many of these separate Client containers you can create and use.

How many users do I get?

In Deftly named users are always unlimited!  You can invite as many named and permissioned users as you like.  These users can be at the master account level or within a specific client container – and they might work for you, for your client companies, or as freelancers.  A single named user can also have permissions and access across many companies (for instance when a freelancer is working with multiple agencies who all grant her access to various companies within their Deftly instances).  We believe more users collaborating is always a good thing, and so there is never a limit to how many you can invite into your Deftly instance no matter which pricing plan you choose.

What resources consume my File Storage space?

Your Deftly file storage is used by any documents or files that you specifically upload into the platform.  These might be logos or other graphics to use in a Storyboard, documents for a client to review and approve, or other collateral elements that you need to use or display within a Deftly screen.  The amount of data you chart from any of your digital properties in any of our Storyboard data visualizations DOES NOT count as File Storage.  All of that data is pulled from the integrated providers by API and is stored in the Deftly database as needed, but the visualizations and raw data behind them never count against your File Storage total, whereas a static image of a chart captured from some other platform and uploaded into Deftly would.

How is Custom Data supported?

Deftly’s Custom Data integration allows the use of Google’s Fusion Tables for storing and integrating other structured data into Storyboard data visualizations.  This optional integration to Fusion Tables is included at no additional charge in the Deftly Growth package or above, or it is available for an extra fee in the smaller plans.  Please contact us for more details if you are interested in adding this to your plan.