Agency-Friendly Pricing

Unlimited users. Month-to-month commitment.
Flex your pricing package up or down as your client roster evolves.

  • Boutique

    • 1-5 Active Client Environments
    • 10 Data Sources per type
      in each environment**
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Storyboards
    • Unlimited Collaboration Topics
    • Includes Free Agency Environment
  • Established

    • 11-20 Active Client Environments
    • Unlimited Data Sources
      in each environment
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Storyboards
    • Unlimited Collaboration Topics
    • Includes Free Agency Environment
  • Enterprise

    • 21+ Active Clients
    • Unlimited Data Sources
      in each environment
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Storyboards
    • Unlimited Collaboration Topics
    • Includes Free Agency Environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other fees?

No there are no other, hidden fees. The prices above are exactly what you will be charged each month. Keep in mind, however, that some states (like New York and Washington) insist that we charge sales tax if your billing address is in either state, and the list of U.S. states that tax cloud-based software services is always evolving.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes – any month-to-month plan can be cancelled whenever you choose. And you can cancel from your billing and subscription page inside Deftly – no need to call us or get the run-around.

What counts as a “client environment”?

Once you sign up for Deftly you establish your “Master” or “Agency” account, and then you create “Client” environments that are segregated from one another. The information you store within each Client Environment’s context is protected so that it can only be accessed by permissioned users at the Master account level (like agency staff) or users within the specific Client context (client staff, freelancers, etc.).

If you are with an Agency then these separate Client Environments correspond to your actual clients – each with its own business, its own digital properties, and its own set of expectations for how your agency will help them grow their business.

If you are in a corporate setting, you may only need one Client Environment if all of your information should be shared across all stakeholders.  But in a corporate setting you might also serve different divisions or business units whose data should perhaps be kept confidential, potentially making separate Client Environments very useful.

What are “Active” client environments?

Active client environments are those that count towards your pricing plan’s threshold. Deftly allows you to activate and deactivate client environments over time as necessary. An inactive client environment is essentially dormant – it has been put on hold so that no one can log into it and no data is being gathered or stored. But all of the users and data sources and storyboards you had built are preserved, and will be there when it is reactivated, should the client return.

Can I switch plans as my needs change?

Absolutely! We know that clients come and go, and their needs and expectations evolve. So you can add new client environments at any time, or delete or deactivate unnecessary ones, and your monthly plan and pricing will flex up or down to match your needs.

**How does the Data Source limit work?

Deftly supports data connections to all of your most important digital channels and platforms.  Each of these different platforms is a Connection Type – and within each Client Environment you can set up multiple instances of each Connection Type – and each such instance becomes a named Data Source.

With our Boutique package you can have up to 10 such Data Sources for each Connection Type (so up to 10 Facebook pages, and up to 10 Google Analytics properties, etc.) within each Client Environment.  In all our other plans the number of Data Source instances is unlimited.

Why would I want an “agency environment”?

Deftly gives your agency the power to track and understand your own analytics. To see what trends emerge as you analyze your own efforts to attract clients and engage prospects with your content. Plus you can use the Deftly collaboration module within your own agency to help your staff communicate and share documents in whatever way works best for you. And all of this is free for your team as a part of your basic Deftly subscription, so why not put it to work?!

How many users do I get?

In Deftly named users are always unlimited!  You can invite as many named and permissioned users as you like.  These users can be at the master account level or within a specific client environment – and they might work for you, for your client companies, or as freelancers.  A single named user can also have permissions and access across many companies (for instance when a freelancer is working with multiple agencies who all grant her access to various companies within their Deftly instances).  We believe more users collaborating is always a good thing, and so there is never a limit to how many you can invite into your Deftly instance no matter which pricing plan you choose.

How is Custom Data supported?

Many clients track vital information in CRM systems or other platforms, or simply in spreadsheets. These might include sales and prospecting activity, trade show data points, inbound phone call volumes, and more. We believe it is vital to capture these critical metrics and use them to paint the complete picture of what impacts digital marketing is having on the business. Deftly’s Custom Data integration allows the use of Google’s Fusion Tables for storing and integrating any structured spreadsheet data into Storyboard data visualizations. Google Fusion Tables is part of the free Google Drive suite, and this integration is included at no additional charge in all Deftly packages.

Can I pay by Check or with a Purchase Order?

Sure – please call or email us if you need to be invoiced rather than pay by credit card.