Deliver a story, not just data.

Deftly provides the flexibility you need to tell a meaningful story about marketing and business performance.

Simple to Use

Quick Setup

You don’t have to start from scratch. Sync your data sources and you’ll be up and running with a fully complete, easily edited Storyboard. Our starter templates are based on real agency reports.

Chart Templates

Save time by selecting a template that already matches what you want. You can even combine multiple chart templates together – if you find that you need data from one template to overlay with data from another.

Easy to Use Chart Builder

Deftly has an easy step-by-step chart builder. Pick your data points and how you want to visualize them. Pick a template or choose the fields you want with ease.

Deftly's easy to use chart builder makes chart building a breeze.

Sophisticated Data

Overlay Data from Multiple Sources

Have you ever wondered if an increase in web site visitors actually correlates with more sales? Pick and choose the data fields you want from any sources and combine them all into the same chart or table.

Month over Month Comparison

Are comparison periods vital for your monthly reports? Pop into the chart builder and select the comparison period of your choice. Gain insight with visual percentage change between periods.

Custom Data

Is the data you need only to be found in a spreadsheet? Simple. Connect your spreadsheet and chart it alongside any other data in your Storyboards.

Sophisticated Data Filters

Do you need sophisticated analysis of website visitor behavior? Do you need to track specific google search queries? Our data filters make it extremely easy for any user to specify what breakdowns you want to pull beyond the initial metrics. No coding required.

Analysis and Credibility

With sophisticated data and insight added, Storyboards are a standard you can sell to your clients or stakeholders. Credibility comes with knowing that you’re pulling data directly from the sources you’re showing.

Embed Videos and Posts

Deftly offers the option to embed posts, videos, and even fully navigable websites in your Storyboards. The ability to add in any HTML code you want makes the possibilities endless.

Embed websites, videos, and posts to highlight specific creative.
Show images of ads for Google Ads and Facebook Marketing.

Include Images of Ads

Deftly offers the option to include the images/videos of your ads for both Google Ads and Facebook Marketing, as well as Tweets for Twitter Ads.

Limitless Design


Freely and creatively add text, graphics, and charts to fine tune your story content for your audience. Incorporate colors and branding: your own, your clients’, or both. Include business context, pictures, and data analysis in informative and visually appealing ways.

Mobile View

Storyboards can be designed for both desktop view and separately for mobile as well.


Pick or customize your own theme, which can be applied to the entire Storyboard. Customization is endless, from chart colors to legend font.

User Experience

Flexible Sharing

Clients or stakeholders will receive an email notification when a Storyboard is published. You can also send your own personal share link or simply export a PDF.

User Tracking

Is anyone reading your reports? With Deftly, you’ll be able to see who is reviewing and how often. For a lot of our clients, it’s a significant starting point to figure out what type of data or story is most compelling.

Hover over data to see the numbers behind each data point.


A much more engaging experience than a static file. The data comes alive as the viewer will discover that charts and tables are interactive, mousing over to isolate data points, zooming in on charts, toggling between visual and table view, or finding tooltips while reviewing their Storyboard.

Brand Your Portal

Add your own logo and colors to personalize your Deftly portal. This is in addition to the branding you can add in each Storyboard.

Customize your portal with your own branding and logo.

Save Time

Easy to Update

Update an entire Storyboard to your next reporting period within seconds . Previous versions will compile for you in a neat, easy-to-find list.

Live Data

Do you prefer a living breathing report or a dashboard that updates every single day? You can send reports that stay live continually, or customize an internal dashboard for your own tracking.

Customize your insights into your own live dashboard for internal use or to display in reports.

Internal Tracking

Save time by tracking your most important metrics from multiple sources in one place.

PDF Export

Export any Storyboard as a high quality PDF. Make it available for all users or simply save a copy to your computer and send as a file attachment.

A screenshot showing how Deftly can also export high quality PDF versions of your Storyboard with digital marketing analytics and data.
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