Content marketing builds trust with customers.

Content Marketing: 5 Steps to That Will Grow Your Business

Content Marketing Strategies

Searching  for  a  new  way  to  get  more  people  to  your  site  and  convert  them  into  leads?

How  Are  You  Currently  Getting  Traffic to  Your  Website?

Getting  traffic  to  your  site  is  not  as  seamless  as  you  may  think.  Your  name  can  easily
get  lost  in  a  saturated  online  market.  Content  marketing  makes  it  easier  to  get
discovered.  Content marketing has also been coined Inbound Marketing to attract folks to you through inviting them in with valuable information.

In  today’s  modern  world,  individuals  and  businesses  conduct  research  before  making  a
buying  choice far beyond just asking a friend, in fact asking a friend may be the first step to determining which brands to research.  Do  you  know  what  people  find  online  when  they  search  your  name  or

Provide  value  to  your online prospects  and  your  client  base  by  blogging  and  posting
content.  You  do  this  with content  marketing.  Through content marketing, you are building a relationship with your customer and showing you care.  For example, Tide sells laundry detergent and a host of spin off products we associate with, “clean”.  Valuable content for their customer base would include home-hacks, “How to get grease out of carpet” or “Kid friendly and clean car tips”.

Choose  the  Right  Content  to  Write  About

Content  is  more  than  just  trying  to  sell.  Write  about  an  assortment  of  different  topics.
Deftly  recommends  that  you  consider  writing  the  following  types  of  posts:

● How  to
● Best  ways
● Tips  and  tricks
● Mistakes  to  avoid
● Top  list

These  types  of  posts  create  value  as  a  whole.  Creating  an  informational  blog  with
valuable  content  grows  your  client  base  in  a  very  cost  efficient,  organic  manner.  Remember to continually observe and learn about your target market so you are in touch with the “needs” for information.

Headlines That Work

Be sure to know that words matter!  The exact same creative imagery with different words can yield wildly different results.  I have personally witnessed 150% difference in response rate based on words with the exact same imagery.

Be sure to know the power of YOU versus the power of ME or WE.  You should always focus on YOU more than we or me.  Also to learn these strategies above and beyond reading about them – you should test your words as well.  When placing ads for your content – place 3 ads with different headlines; once you find the best result, push your marketing budget there.

Save your headlines that work and note the commonality as you are documenting what your customers respond to – you can also google swipe files to find what has worked for others.

Content Medium Variation

Not  only  can  you  write  content,  but  you  can  also  take any subject and turn it into a fun method of information consumption.  Media has turned into a a giant sand box of fun – one article can be turned into all of these different media and engagement opportunities.

  • Infographics
  • Press Releases
  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Quotes
  • Slide Shows
  • Quizzes
  • Did You Know’s?
  • FAQs
  • Memes
  • Fill-in-the-blank (Mad Lib style)
  • Shout Outs

We  typically  suggest  that  you  make  sure  that  if  you’re  thinking  about  other
content,  that  it’s  educational  and  rarely  promotional.  Rule of thumb, your relationship with your customer and prospect should be 80% valuable and relevant content and 20% selling.

Do  your  research  about  the  topic  you’re  writing  about  and  ensure  that  you  have  plenty of
knowledge  and  experience  in  the  area  covered.

Sell  content,  experience  and  knowledge  —  not  your  product  or  service!

Write  Content  Outside  of  Your  Industry

You  always  want  to  consider  getting  your  name  out  there.  A  more  professional  term  is
spreading  brand  awareness.

What  content  do  you  write  outside  of  your  industry?  Think  about  talking  about
challenges  potential  customers  or  clients  face  before  purchasing  your  product  or

Think  outside  the  box!  For  example:

● 5  websites  to  meet  new  people  and network in  Orange  County,  CA
● 5  best  school  districts  in  Mission  Viejo,  CA
● 5  finance challenges  you  must  plan  for  when  moving  to  California

Writing  content  outside  of  your  industry  helps  spread  brand  awareness  and  opens
channels  of  communication  between  you  and  your  potential  clients; be sure there is tangential relevance as you are not a newspaper

Promote  Your  Content  The  Right  Way

A  problem  many  an  assortment  of  people  face  —  is  promotion  and  timing.  If  you’re
looking  to  grow  your  client  base,  then  master  timing  and  content  promotion.
What  are  the  appropriate  times  to  post?  According  to  Social  Media  Today :

● Facebook :  Between  10  a.m.  and  4  p.m.  Monday  through  Thursday
● Twitter :  Between  1  p.m.  and  3  p.m.  Monday  through  Thursday
● LinkedIn :  Focus  on  posting  before  and  after  business  hours  —  7  a.m.  to  9  a.m.
and  5  p.m.  to  6  p.m.  Tuesday  through  Thursday
● Google­Plus:  9  a.m.  to  11  a.m.  on  workdays
● Pinterest :  This  is  the  one  social  network  you  should  focus  on  posting  during
weekday  evenings  and  on  the  weekends,  specifically  2  p.m.  to  4  p.m.  and  8  p.m.
to  1  a.m.  on  weekdays,  and  the  best  time  to  pin  items  on  Pinterest  is  on  Saturday

Additionally,  we  recommend  that  you  try  to  keep  your  content  on  a  set  schedule.  If
you’re  putting  content  on  Facebook  around  10  p.m.,  then  keep  it  like  that.  That  way  your
followers  or  fans  will  know  that  they  can  expect  a  post  from  you  at  a  consistent  time.
Ultimately,  content  marketing  creates  trust  with  your  clients  or  customers.  As  tough  as
competition  is  in  your  industry  market,  content  marketing  can  help  easily  set  you  apart
from  others.

Tell us about a content marketing initiative that propelled your brand to the next level.

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