Be Sure Your Reporting Tool Lets You Tell the Right Story

Client reporting is a challenge. Storyboards provide a flexible and easy-to-use interface where customization to look and feel are practically endless.  Deftly enables you to add context to your data all in one place.  Add brand graphics and client imagery to enrich the experience.  Advanced charting aggregates disparate data to show up-to-date reports with minimal time and effort to set-up.  Demonstrate value with your stories, build trust and develop forward looking strategies.


Deftly Storyboards let you break free of traditional dashboard limitations, to create truly meaningful and engaging reports for your clients. Yet you can still quickly and easily reuse your important charts and presentations month after month with only a few minutes of effort.


Easily create and publish multi-page stories in a presentation-like model, and do it entirely online. Customize mobile and large screen storyboards to deliver optimum viewing experiences across devices.  As easy as sending a link to a client for a quick snapshot or an in-depth review – ultimate engagement.

Powerful Live Data Visualizations

Embed clear, beautiful data visualizations directly into any presentation. Pull data automatically from your most important marketing platforms. Present with the style, context, and timespans that will communicate meaningfully to your audience.

Content With Style

Freely and creatively add text, graphics, and charts to fine tune your story content for your audience. Incorporate colors and branding: your own, your clients’, or both. Include business context, pictures, and data analysis in informative and visually appealing ways.

Integrated Data Sources

Seamlessly import data directly from sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (with additional data sources added each month). The integrated data sources enable you to use custom data through Google fusion tables. No data is out of reach with Deftly.

Flexible Presentation Options

Implement next level data presentations by combining diverse sources into one chart or showing any combination of time periods on a single page. Customize data delivery to your customers’ needs and preferences. Presentations can be built to automatically update to showcase meaningful analytics, using specific date ranges or real-time data as necessary.

Use your own data

Add your own custom data any time and seamlessly integrate it into your storyboard presentations. Any spreadsheet can become a potential data source. Capture and present data from CRM or other proprietary platforms. Even data that is simply tallied by staff outside of any software system can become an important source in your reporting.

Analysis & Credibility

Analytics drive how clients judge the success of their agency in delivering on its promises. It is therefore critical that clients know where the analysis they are being presented originate, and that they are delivered into a storyboard presentation without any alteration. Customers can drill down to view the raw data behind charts, and the source of that data, so they can trust what they see.

Efficient Reporting and Publishing

Set charts to update on a date stored in the storyboard presentation. Create updated storyboards for your customers by clicking “Create a New Version” and changing the storyboard date; then watch as chart periods move automatically. From there, implement final adjustments and your customer update is ready to go. Publish new storyboard versions whenever you’re ready. Simply click a button to publish or un-publish a version. You will be amazed by efficient reporting and the time you will get back in your month.

Data Templates

No need to start from scratch. Use storyboard and data templates to get started right away. Take advantage of shared knowledge and best practices and learn as you create.

Easy Accessibility

Easy Accessibility:  Customers can view storyboard presentations on demand via computer screens, smartphones, or auto-played on boardroom monitors for employees to experience. As data behind the charts updates in real-time, it becomes automatically available on storyboards. Show real-time or historical data for any date range as desired.