Giving your client an easy-to-access portal with everything in one place is the solution they have been searching for.  Haven’t we all?  No more missing emails, documents or details. No one ever asked to be sent to a dozen different sites so that they could see all of the activities and metrics and history that have played a part in their digital marketing efforts – and now you can pull it all together in one place.

The portal is that place – where clients and agencies can discuss ongoing projects, task lists, request data analysis or make action items from data insights. Customers can interact with your deliverables and can see the historical overview of account work.

At Deftly, we created Portal to make collaboration the productive blessing it should be, and we’ve done so by including best-in-class features alongside industry-leading ease of use:

Centralize Comunication

Make customer management straightforward for you and easy for your clients by providing a single destination and communications hub. Centralize communication to show beginning to end, the value you bring to campaigns and projects alike.  No more logging into multiple platforms.

Share & Discuss Campaigns and Projects

Share files and links including graphics, mockups, and invoices in one place. Customers can log in and securely retrieve everything they need for all campaigns and projects.  Comment on files, ask questions, collaborate around ideas, plan events or obtain campaign and project approvals. Conversations happen in a real-time chat experiences or as threaded posts across a larger audience or longer time-span.

Knowledge Retention

Store client interactions online and in one place to protect your knowledge retention and manage customer experiences. Easily bring new employees up to speed on client background and retain knowledge after staff turnovers or a changes in customer primary contact without rummaging through endless old emails.

Task Management in Client View

Roll up task management from your project management system into a customer friendly view. Share only the information you want and keep customers informed without the need to log into a complex project system and wade through internal details.

Campaign History

Assess campaign history over time, reference past goals and decisions, review commitments and deliverables. Staff and clients see where they’ve been, what has worked and what hasn’t and strategize together with clarity.