Deftly’s digital dashboard feature set enables you to harness the power of data you may not be able to access in native data platforms.  The Deftly API delivers data you did not know was available to you – making you that much more valuable with insights.

With simple integration and the ease of accessing all data in one place, you will save days on regular reporting and identify insights not easily recognized across different platforms.  The Deftly digital dashboard makes insights obvious and intuitive with a few clicks.

At Deftly, we created the digital dashboard to make marketing and advertising roles efficient and insightful, enabling more actionable insights with these highly sought after features:

Time to Data

KPI reporting is no longer a headache, in fact it’s like Christmas morning every time you update your data.  Deftly gives you the gift of time with its well-built engine topped by an intuitive and simple user interface.  Updating monthly reports from all data sources can be done in minutes rather than days and hours.  What will you do with your time?

Integrated Data Sources

Seamlessly import data directly from sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (with additional data sources added each month). The integrated data sources enable you to use custom data through Google fusion tables. No data is out of reach with Deftly.

Charting Simplicity

The well designed user-interface makes Deftly an easy drive for the most junior of analysts.  Point and click data integration with simple chart interface options make Deftly superior to complex solutions requiring developers.

Data Security

Deftly knows security is priority one.  While you can access all client data, your client will only have access to their data.  With role-based permission administration Deftly ensures that all data is private and protected in the cloud. Data security will always be a priority to Deftly development.

Offline Data Integration

Disparate data in different systems, or not in systems at all, is no longer an issue.  Document the in-person seminars, live training, or demonstrations to upload right along-side your email performance data, social media signals and website traffic data for a complete picture of your marketing channels and impact.

Hassle Free Implementation

No hassle set-up. No implementation or set-up fees, just you and your data sources.  No need for a developer or IT professional, we have made it that easy to use Deftly.  Deftly’s hassle free implementation can be done in as few as 15 minutes and you are ready to go.