Learn 3 Easy SEO Tips to get on page one.

3 Easy SEO Tips to Get on the 1st Page of Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most crucial pieces in business today. Ninety percent of prospects use the Internet to find what they’re looking for; so it’s hard to sell your service or product if they can’t find you online. SEO is the process of optimizing your company’s website to be found through search engines in natural search results.

Through this process, keyword research is commonly overlooked. However, it’s one of the most critical steps. We’ll outline 3 easy tips on how to properly execute keyword research to achieve top SEO results, and be discovered on search engines.

#1: Know Your Keyword Research

Keyword research can seem tedious and complicated (it is – this is why it’s often overlooked ); but if you know what you’re doing, it can be easier. During the keyword research process, choose keywords that are:

  1. Specific to your industry/audience
  2. Have medium/low competition
  3. Have medium/low traffic
  4. Have high conversion probability

Common Mistake: Choosing broad keywords that have high competition and traffic.

Example: Advertising Agency

Recommendation: Choose specific keywords that have medium to low competition and medium to low traffic. This will increase the probability of higher placement and in turn, increase conversion rates.

Example: Orange County Digital Marketing Advertising Agency for Realtors

#2: Focus On Keyword Phrases

Choose a theme and focus on creating slight variations of the phrase. These are “medium/low volume keyword phrases” that are searched less frequently but give your company a greater probability of ranking higher under that search phrase.

For example:

  • “Best Digital Marketing Agency for Realtors In Orange County”
  • “Best Digital Marketing Agency for Realtors In Orange County,CA”
  • “Digital Marketing Agency for Realtors Orange County CA”
  • “Orange County Digital Marketing Agency for Realtors”
  • ‘Orange County Digital Marketing Realtors Services”

Common Mistake: Trying to rank for a keyword that is too generic or broad. Broad keywords have a much lower probability of being found.

Keyword: “Digital Advertising Agency”

Recommendation: Know your industry and understand what type of visitor you are seeking. Also, know whether you’re looking for: traffic, conversions, or both. The more specific you define your target audience, the easier it is to rank. Specific keywords generate more traffic with a higher chance of conversion because they are looking for your product in your area for your target market.

Keyword: “Orange County Digital Marketing Realtors Services

#3: Define Intent In Your Keywords

If needed, add words that are specific and define intent:

For Example:

Time/Date: 2002, August, Evening

Price/Quality: Cheap, Most Popular, Greatest, Best, Lowest, Discount

Intent: Buy, Find, Review, Shop, Order

Location: Austin, Ocean, Off-line

Common Mistake: Not understanding your audience. If most of your customers are looking for a high end product, do not use:

“Affordable Advertising Services in Orange County” or “Discount Advertising Agency in Orange County CA”

Recommendation: Use phrases that your audience would most likely search for. For Example:

“Premiere Ad Agency for Realtors in Orange County” or “Professional Digital Dashboard Services Orange County CA”

Handy Tip: You can use as many keyword tools as you like. Some of the best ones we’ve found include: Wordstream, Keyword SpySpyFuKeywordtool.io, Bing Keyword Tool, and Google Keyword Planner.







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